The Benefits of Dry Brushing

The desire to better ourselves often implies physical changes to your body. As far as trends go, dry brushing is just as popular as any trendy detox when it comes to prepping your body for its best bikini season yet.

Here are some of the benefits of this type of exfoliation:

-Improves blood and lymphatic circulation

-Helps lessen water retention

-Contributes to reduce the appearance of cellulite

-Removes dead skin cells

-Improves the overall appearance and texture of the skin

-Energizes the body

Experts recommend this practice a few times a week in the morning because of its energizing properties. The technique is simple, start from the feet or hands going towards the abdomen using an exfoliation brush or glove in circular motions. Pay attention to the amount of pressure you’re applying to prevent damaging your skin and choose your brush or glove accordingly.

Complete your new ritual with a nice shower and body moisturizer and your skin will surely thank you in the upcoming summer season.