8 Beauty Resolutions for 2019

2019 is here, bringing its eternal resolutions. So here are our beauty tips to start the year healthy glowing.

1/8 I use my sleep to become more beautiful

At night, when you think everything comes to a stop, it’s actually quite the contrary for your skin. It is while you sleep that many processes work to rejuvenate your skin. Targeted night care products are specifically formulated to revive all the potential of the skin’s natural defences.

2/8 I protect myself from blue light

Blue light coming from electronic devices is harmful to the skin. Its free radicals make skin duller, more fragile and prone to premature ageing. Protect your skin from it by integrating specific anti-pollution care into your routine.

3/8 I clean my face with products suited for me

Cleaning your face and removing make-up with a special product is the first step to beautiful skin. It removes impurities and pollutants on the surface of the skin that put it at risk of irritation and speed up the creation of fine lines.

4/8 I take care of my brows

Eyebrows bring character to the face. We know it, but we don’t necessarily bother when putting on make-up. A tweezer, an eyebrow pencil or shadow are essential to give yourself a whole new look.

5/8 I take care of my hair the same way I take care of my skin

The scalp is the first to benefit from this trend. Aside from shampoo and conditioner, choose moisturizing oils with which you can massage and treat your hair to make it as shiny as ever.

6/7 I go back to basics

Natural cosmetics is becoming more and more popular: simplicity, authenticity, smart consumption. Taking care for the planet can start with taking care
of your skin differently.

7/8 I move

Exercising leads to a myriad of benefits for you health and your skin. Increased blood circulation delivers oxygen and nutrients to the cells, replenishing them with all they need to stay healthy and strong.

8/8 I am cleaning up my cosmetic bag

You have to know that all make-up or care products do not have an infinite life span. You can throw away the ones that are outdated and the ones that were opened more than 6 months ago and also give away what you do not wish to use.