The Importance of Conditioning

Do you often look in the mirror and find yourself thinking your hair looks dull? Many things can contribute to making your hair seem less than unharmed even if you avoid the typical assailants such as hot tools. The drying effects of seasonal arid air both inside (thanks to your radiator) and outside (cold winter winds) not to mention tight ponytails and even brushing out tangles can have negative effects on your locks.

By skipping conditioner, you’re exposing your hair to tons of damage that will wear away the cuticle layer, making every strand appear thinner.

Conditioning as rule of thumb is key in helping to maintain the natural nourishment of your hair especially after doing treatments such as straightening, colouring, perming and other hair enhancers. The conditioner closes our hair cuticles and keeps the moisture locked in after the shampoo has lifted and stripped it. The added step is crucial to make your hair softer by coating the hair with a protective layer to your easily roughed-up hair cuticles (that look something like fish scales under a microscope).

Use the right kind of conditioner with cool water and your hair will not only be silky, smooth, hydrated and detangled, but healthier-looking too!

Tips to get your hair glossy as can be

Shiny hair is generally associated with overall good health. However, the products you use can make significant difference. The key is to find the right regimen to keep your hair clean and healthy.

Here are some hair care tips to help your hair become glossier than ever :

  • Never overlook conditioner. Conditioning the hair helps to trap in the moisture that is stripped by shampoos, treatments and accessories. In addition, it helps make the hair smoother, which facilitates styling thus minimizing hair loss.
  • Heat opens the hair cuticle and allows dirt to get in. It is best to avoid heat styling as much as possible. Alternating between letting the hair air dry and blow-drying can be beneficial as well as rinsing with cold water.
  • To keep hair healthy, a regular trim is a must.

We must not ignore the benefits of good diet, high in fatty acids and omega 3 and 6. Get enough of these essential nutrients and you will find your hair looking supple, bright and full of vitality from the root to tip.